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Disney Issues and recommendations – Langton 1.Disney Defining Attribute – MAGIC Disney has created seamless synergies of a wildly diverse business Disney more known to consumers than its products and there are no subs for youth They have diversified themselves well into media channels; becoming a media conglomerate. Disney however has lost some of its Magic The development and magic of the brand is created by the Studio which in turn Drives al other sources of revenue Issue: How to innovate themselves – become essence animation films Focus back on fundamental storytelling and bringing magic to consumers Recommendation: First step acquisition of Pixar, bringing 3D knowledge and platform to creation of content Focus Internal: Creativity and Resource Management Opportunities: Disney School of Management / Training Institute Re-institute: Disney Legends Program acknowledge/honor those for imagination, talent and dreams Create Disney Online ecosystem – similar to App world creation – creative think tank environment 2. Lack of efficient sustainable franchised productions Issue: not creating and maintaining Disney branded titles; which generate higher ROI Recommendation: Focus higher margin Pixar, marvel and Disney; Focus on Franchise vs. Non Franchise (increasing Rev) Investment Spend on Franchise Film Production Increase film releases (across multiple platforms) 3. Convergence – Entertainment is a large and wide industry; Movies, TV shows, music travel with you – watch and hear anytime and anywhere. Constant change in technologies – 3G & large Internet communities; distribution through new markets Issues: IP to adapt to Wireless, Broadband, Gaming etc Disney handled most of the value chain in house; they must expand and adapt to emerging markets Recommendation: Internet

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