Dismantling Gangs Essay

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Dismantling Gangs Throughout time, gangs and gang culture have been a distinct force within communities and social ladders worldwide. The government has implemented many ideas and put them forth to work against the gangs, but gangs continue to add to their numbers due to traditional recruiting processes. Gangs make up a significant portion of the United States subcultures in the inner cities and suburbs alike. The only way to combat them is to stick to some sort of effective deterrent against these men and women, which has unfortunately, yet to be found. The politicians and law enforcement agencies need to remember that the gangs must be targeted and attacked as a whole, and not to single out a certain individual within the group. Gangs have chapters or cells all over the U.S. and abroad. Gangs tend to center themselves under a strict “street code”, that if you break, or interrupt, usually leads to some sort of attack or even taking someone’s life. The main objectives of gangs is to set out to earn money, or to maintain some means of financial gain, to help aid the gang and its members for whatever they desire. The other most important goal of a gang is to gain turf. A gangs turf is the entire areas where it is predominately your group running everyday operations and if someone decided to intrude on this, you must protect yourself and your gangs turf, in most cases this usually ends violently. The money allows them to fulfill their materialistic needs, buy drugs, weapons, etc. Clearly the more money you have the more powerful your gang will be. The money paves the way to buy the guns, to have the recruitment parties, which can in turn make your gang much, much stronger. Controlling turf determines how much of your surroundings are in control of your gang. If you were a Blood for example, and you walked through a Crip neighborhood, you could

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