Dislike For The Upper Class In An Inspector Calls

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How dislike is for Mr Birling created in An Inspector Calls by Priestly? Priestly was born in 1894 and believed that the upper class should be accepting responsibility and that the lower class should be treated equally. Priestly was aware that something had to change in 1946 in Britain and, In An Inspector Calls, Priestly uses Mr Birling as a typical upper class business owner who likes to follow the typical capitalist class system that needed to be changed. In the play, Priestly wants to portray the opposite of Birling’s views and by doing so through the use of different characters over the course of the play he creates dislike for Mr Birling and dislike for the upper class. In the play Birling fails to understand how the lower class…show more content…
This arrogance shown by Birling portrays the upper class in a bad way and creates the dislike for Mr Birling. In the play priestly makes the audience perceive birling as foolish and arrogant, this portrays the upper class as bad and the audience of 1946 start to see that maybe the upper class isn’t so great and that they might be wrong “the Germans don’t want war” and “absolutely unsinkable” these show how wrong birling’s views and ideas were and how the upper class are wrong. This use of showing Birling as arrogant makes the audience side with the audience. Birling denies major future events and priestly uses dramatic irony to show the arrogance of Birling and the denial he is in. this arrogance by Birling is shown through his lack of care for his family and his priories are climbing the social ladder and stopping a public scandal. At the start of the play the inspector question Mr Birling on the death, Birling quickly responds violently and says “you weren’t asked to come here and talk to me about responsibility”, in the house Birling is advert and he is used to people respecting him and him talking down to other people, this way is challenged when the inspector arrives, and because Birling is arrogant and feels that because he was “lord mayor just two years ago” he is above the lower class and the working class(the inspector). And he feels that he shouldn’t even consider the less fortunate than him “community and all that nonsense” and this kind of attitude annoys priestly and this shows the dislike for Birling from Priestly and how he is portraying it to the audience of
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