Dislikable Character in Edward Scissor Hands. Essay

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When watching a film there is usually a character you don’t like, in Edward Scissorhands that character is Jim. Jim is a popular teenager who was going out with Pegs daughter Kim, He was tall with short blonde, he lived with his controlling father which could be where he got his controlling behaviour from. Jim was easily annoyed and was a violent person, he didn’t know how to control his anger and ended up shouting and physically abusing people to get what he wanted. Jim was a very violent person. He was violent in the way he treated people and the way he acted. An example of this violence was when Jim followed Edward and Kim to Edward’s house and tried to kill Edward buy shooting him. But he missed. He then started to attack Edward by hitting him with planks of wood and kicking him until Edward killed him. Jim was a bully. He bullied and pressured people into doing things they did not want to do. An example of his bullying was when he pressured Kim into convincing Edward into robbing his house. They asked Edward because Jim knew he would say yes and also because they thought that Edward didn’t know it was Jims house. Kim: It must have been awful when they told you whose house it was. Edward: I knew it was Jim's house. Kim: You did? Edward: Yes. Kim: Well, then why did you do it? Edward: Because you asked me to. Jim was a violent person who got his way through violent acts, he was the villain in the film who always seemed to take a controlling role over the other

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