Dishonestive System: True-False Review

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DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: TRUE-FALSE REVIEW---Use text 1. _____ The salivary gland directly below the ear is called the sublingual gland. 2. _____ The pancreas is superior to the stomach. 3. _____ Herbivores use their molars/premolars to grind and crush food. 4. _____ Long canines are present in both carnivores and herbivores. 5. _____ Taste buds are also called papillae. 6. _____ Each taste bud is actually a collection of many taste cells. 7. _____ Another name for throat region is pharynx. 8. _____ The esophagus lies ventral to the trachea 9. _____ Chewing of food is a form of chemical digestion. 10. _____ Amylase is a hormone which breaks down maltose. 11. _____ Maltase is a substrate for maltose. 12. _____ The layer of the esophagus most proximal to the lumen is…show more content…
_____ The part of the large intestine on the right side of your body is called the descending colon. 40. _____ The small intestine has the same 3 major layers as the esophagus. 41. _____ Trypsin digests complex carbohydrates to simple carbohydrates. 42. _____ Glycogen and starch are polysaccharides of glucose and both are stored in liver and muscle. 43. _____ The pancreas produces both insulin and glucagon. 44. _____ Patients with diabetes lack the hormone insulin and may suffer from hyperglycemia. 45. _____ Glucagon acts by raising blood sugar levels; insulin acts by lowering blood sugar levels. 46. _____ Secretin is released by the small intestine due to the presence of acid and leads to bicarbonate release from the gall bladder. 47. _____ CCK is released by the stomach due to the presence of fats and leads to bile release from the pancreas. 48. _____ Gastrin is released by the stomach due to the presence of protein and leads to gastric juice release. 49. _____ Carnivores tend to have shorter digestive tracts than herbivores. 50. _____ Bendedict’s solution detects simple sugars and turns from blue to orange/red. 51. _____ Taste buds are found on the lateral borders of the

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