Disease Sickle Cell Essay

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Little Red Riding Hood By: Tyneisha Kelly English 121 Little red riding hood was a young girl who loved to visit her Grandmother's house. she loved to take things over to share with granny such as snacks, breads, and different kind of goodies, she thought her granny would like, but one evening she wanted to visit her granny so, she went to the woods on the trail that lead her towards her granny house on her way she runs into a wolf that "asked could he have some of her goodies?, riding hood said " i have to get to my granny's house to give her what i made her". so she kept on down the path skipping with excitement of the fact that she is getting closer to her house. She says to herself " i cant wait to see granny today". the wolf followed riding hood as she headed along to granny's house. he jumps out and request that she hand over the basket of goodies, once agian she refused so she ran away from the wolf to get to granny's house, she ran as fast as she could and as without her knowing the wolf beat her there. Once the wolf got there he had tied granny up and placed her into a bedroom closet with her mouth covered ,so she could not warn riding hood of the terrible things that were to come. the wolf changed into some of grannys clothes to disguise himself and pretend that he was her loving grandmother, he jumps into her bed then covers his face and waits for riding hood to enter the home. Riding hood finally arrives she walks up the three steps to the door and rings the door bell there is a loud strange yell " come in my dear". riding hood enters the house exciteed to see he granny, but it was strange for granny to have the house completely dark, so as i walked towards the bedroom to see why the house were so dark i quickly asked what is wrong why is it so dark in here a strange voice answered and said Im in hear my dear as i approached the bedroom i asked why

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