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Discussion Rubrics * Use critical thinking skills. Use proper APA citations and reference list. Example: According to Fuss (2011), “Students are awesome” (p. 46). “Students are awesome” (Fuss, 2011, p. 46). Reference Fuss, B. (2011). Awesome students. Journal of Brian, 17(2), 1-30. * Use the MEAL plan. The initial post must be a minimum of 1 paragraph. Main sentence: What are you talking about? Evidence: What does the source say about your main sentence? Analysis: What do you think the source is saying? Last sentence: How do you tie it together? * Post initial answers by Wednesday. Post two more times by Sunday on different days. This is for each discussion question. Total of 6 posts on 3 different days;3 post for discussion one and 3 posts for discussion two Example: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Initial post must have evidence from a source in the post. * Use proper English grammar and spelling. Always check your work before submitting it. Discussion Post Grade Points The grading will be done on this scale: 1-4 Marginal Work; 5-8 Ok Work; 9-10 Exceptional Work Points | Item | Code | 10 | Initial post by Wednesday. 2 more post on different days for each question. | On time post (OTP) | 10 | Use of the book as evidence to back up information (5). Proper use of citations and reference lists (5). | Critical thinking (CT) | 10 | Participation in class | Class participation (CP) | 10 | Use of proper spelling and grammar | Spelling/Grammar (SG) | From the syllabus A successful student in online education is one who takes an active role in the learning process. You are therefore encouraged to participate in the discussion areas to enhance your learning experience throughout each week both before and after our class meeting. The discussions will be graded

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