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1. Complete Project 11-3 "Using TrueCrypt" in your textbook Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals - 3rd ed. What reasons would you give to a small business you are consulting with to utilize this software? I think I would tell a small business would use this software “TrueCrypt” to encrypt sensitive documents so, that way that cannot be seen by unauthorized users. Small businesses may work with sensitive data or personal information and they want that data protected and one way to do that is with “TrueCrypt”. I would also mention to the business that it is open source software and free. 2. You have been asked to debate the question: Is PKI and digital certificates just for big business, or should small business and home users be concerned about this technology? What side would you take and why? I think that right now, PKI and digital certificates are for big businesses, small businesses could consider it and home users should definitely pay attention to this subject. It would help businesses with consumer bases and build extra trust and security for when a digital transaction occurs such as shopping online. If a big company has a huge consumer base that does transactions or transfers important data over the internet than PKI and digital certificates is the way to go. Then if a small business is thinking of creating items available for purchase online and they want trust from their consumers than this technology should be used. For home users this technology is important for those that purchase items online or transfer important data, PKI and digital certificates help you do those transactions privately and

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