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205 week 2 Discussion Question 1 & 2 • Due Date: Day 2 •1 As a reader critical thinking brings me to a judgment and/or a conclusion with the information in a responsible manner. I think about what is being written; as well as what the writer is trying to say and/or coming from with what they have written for me to read. I try to make sure I am not overlooking anything that may cause me to misunderstand and/or come to a different conclusion. As a person in general I am one that tries to see things from others perspectives and not just my own. Just as well I would hope others would do for me, as we are all different in one way or another. I take this same behavior into my writing and critical thinking reinforces me to not forget the purpose of my writing, the content I want and/or should put into my writing and of course the audience it is intended for. Having these reinforces helps improve my writing. Being an adult with ADD I survive off structure and attention to detail. I may not be able to keep my attention too long but if I grab at the details provided to me; I come out ahead in any arena. Going back to school for me is my tool to sharpen the dull edges I have found myself with since not being in an academic setting and not to mention it places a demand to apply and test my critical thinking abilities; thus improvement continues to an even more extreme and desired level. •2 I have read, read and re-read Owens response. I had a hard time trying to narrow it down to particular areas of vagueness and ambiguity. Owens response in whole carried no structure, was vague throughout, scattered and as well carried punctuation errors. I also believe his mindset was already in such a rush and possibly even self-doubt that it affected the outcome in his response. In reading his response I question if he really was knowledgeable to what critical thinking was
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