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1. My results were much accurate this time because most of my points were crossing the curve. I could have made those points much accurate if I had repeated this experiment few more times. 2. I used measuring cylinder to measure the amount of sugar solution put into the beaker. I could have used burette instead of measuring cylinder, which would have given me more close reading for sugar solution. 3. I used digital scale (2 d.p.) to weight the potato chips therefore it gave me much precise result than from 1 d.p. digital scale. 4. I used only 5 sugar solution for my experiment to make them accurate I could have used wider range of sugar solution. This would have affected my results and the graph. By using wider range of sugar solution, it would have given me much smoother curve. 5. I used glad wrap to stop evaporation of water from the beaker or from the potato chips. This helped me to make my results much accurate and fair. 6. My result matches with my scientific ideas for osmosis. This proves I did a fair test by keeping the dependent variable constant. I could have improved some of my dependent variable by using more accurate scales like- burette for measuring solution instead of measuring cylinder, lid instead of glad wrap. 7. I could have used stopwatch instead of using normal wall clock, which would have given me the correct time for the experiment. I used two different wall clocks to time 24 hours for my potato chips so variation in the timing…? 8. I used thermometer to measure my temperature so it will helps to keep the temperature constant, variation in temperature could increase or decrease the rate of osmosis took place, to avoid that I used fridge. I put all my beakers into the fridge at 5oC for 24hours (constant temperature) thus to make it more accurate I put thermometer into the fridge aswell. 9. Cutting the potato chips

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