Discussion on Social Justice Essay

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Long Title: Usually a Two-Part Title with Descriptive Line The body of your paper, which begins with the introduction even though the title of the paper, and not the word “Introduction,” begins this section. The following sections provide several typical elements of APA manuscripts as examples in this template. APA 6th Edition style recommends two spaces after periods for drafts, but allows that final publication requirements often ask for a single space after the period (Wiederkehr, 2009). Unless your instructor indicates otherwise, either convention is acceptable. APA style specifies that major sections of the paper (abstract, body, references, etc.) each begin on a new page with the heading centered at the top of the page. The body of the text is typically divided into sections as shown in this template. Usually these sections are the Method, Results, and Discussion (check any sample reports your instructor may have given you for other examples). Some papers, of course, have multiple studies in them so the body could have multiple sections and subsections within it. Sections can be further divided into subsections with headings. An example is a Method section divided into participants, materials, and procedure subsections. Unlike in earlier editions of the APA manual, the sixth edition tells you to bold headings (but not the title above or anything on the title page), as you see in the examples below. Heading Level 1 First-level headings are bold and centered. Consectetuer arcu ipsum ornare pellentesque vehicula, in vehicula diam, ornare magna erat felis wisi a risus. Justo fermentum id. Malesuada eleifend, tortor molestie, a fusce a vel et. Mauris at suspendisse, neque aliquam faucibus adipiscing, vivamus in. Wisi mattis leo suscipit nec amet, nisl fermentum tempor ac a, augue in eleifend. Heading Level 2 Second-level headings are bold and flush left with

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