Discussion on Fast Food and How It Effects Our Children Essay

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Fast Food DQ’s Q1- Why do many children enjoy fast food? How have your fast food preferences changed (not changed) over time? Why, why not? I think a lot of children enjoy fast food because it tastes good. Anything can taste good with enough artificial flavoring, high fat content, preservatives and greasy preparation. Parents who prefer the tastes of fast-food are also a contributing factor. When I was young, we ate a lot of fast food because we were very busy and often did not get home early enough to have a home cooked meal. I always preferred home cooked meals to the fast-food alternative but when there was not enough time we had to eat something. Today, I do not eat a lot of fast-food, I still prefer to have a home cooked meal. Fast-food is okay for a treat but should not be a normal everyday meal plan. I have always had issues with my weight and I contribute some of it back to all the easy meals we were fed as children. I want my child to grow up in a healthy environment where she learns good nutritional practices. Q2- How does the fast food industry appeal to children in its marketing? The fast-food industry is wonderful at appealing to children and this is another reason children tend to enjoy it so much. When it can be said that Ronald McDonald is the second most well-known fictional character you know that they know what they are doing. They appeal to our children through their commercials depicting cartoon characters. They promote child friendly activities and trips to child-friendly vacation spots. Giving away toys in kids meals, movie tickets to popular children movies and theater; fast-food industries draw children in and parents as well. Q3- Considering many parents understand that fast food is low in nutritional value, why do many of them still allow their children to eat it on a regular basis? I think that the convenience of fast-food

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