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Discussion: The Sweatshop Romance by Abraham Cahan 1. Some of the themes Cahan presents in his work include Americanization, love, reticence, misunderstanding and youthful rebellion against tradition. Do you recognize any of these themes in Sweat Shop…” and how are they played out? Yes, it seems like Americanization was the epitome of one’s success, and the more you adopted its ways it would cause you success, for instance when Mr. Lipman introduces their guest to their “American style of tailoring” and also it was used to express the amount of freedom as can be seen when Mrs. Lipman jibes “even the meanest beggar will put on airs” in America. Love as the major theme can be seen with two workers evidently having feelings for their coworker Beile, there is misunderstanding between Beile and her love interest Heyman but he does not have the courage to rebel against Mrs. Lipman, (reticence in order to save his job) which leads to misunderstanding between the two and young David who does rebel and is more successful. 2. How can we describe the tone of Cahan’s story? How would we describe his voice, his “implicit” relationship to the characters in this story? How is his voice differentiated from the voices of his characters? Does he sound like a dweller in the neighbor or a knowledgeable visitor from somewhere else? The way he narrates the story is more like a learnt man commentating on the whole scenario of the Sweatshop, the tone of the story is indulgent making the readers interested in the dilemmas of his characters, the voices of his character are like the concerns he tries to raise and he puts his opinion and his society’s opinions in sharp contrast through Heyman and David’s internal thoughts. He explains the context of one character in terms of the other ones thought and insights maintaining that he was well aware of the social problems of that era and

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