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Week 1 Discussion 1) Discuss the interrelationships among customer expectations and satisfaction, perceived value, and customer retention. Do you agree or disagree that customer retention is essential? There are the role of customer expectations in customer satisfaction. If marketers fall below the consumer's expectations, then the consumer is not satisfied, but if you exceed expectations then marketers can create “customer delight.” When customers are highly satisfied, they can become loyalists who continue to purchase or apostles, who provide very positive word-of-mouth. When customers are disappointed, they can become defectors and move to the competition or terrorists, who spread negative word-of-mouth. Some dissatisfied customers become hostages and stay with the company but are very unhappy. Mercenaries are satisfied but are not really considered loyal and will move from company to company. Customer’s satisfaction boost profit to marketers so customer value is very important. It is best to think of value as the consumers’ perception of what they gained vs. what they gave up to purchase a product or use a service. Marketers are developing value propositions which are statements of the value their product offers to consumers. If the value propositions are clear and applicable to the consumer, they will understand the strength of the product benefits. Customer retention is an important strategy to all marketers. The goal is to make customers stay with your company and generate positive word of mouth about your service and products. The Internet and cell phones have helped marketers maintain closer relations with their consumers and have opened easier channels for the customer to contact the company if they have questions, problems, or suggestions. So I agree that customer retention is

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