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Discussion Paper # 2 1. The first picture shows that a woman is holding a book and she is standing outside the factory. This shows that she works in the factory and she is getting her education along with her job. In the second picture, woman is standing next to the weaving machine from the factory. This machine shows that she works in the cotton factory. The last picture shows that there is a factory where employees are going in the factory. This is the factory where women also started working and they were getting paid from their jobs and they can get education after their working period. 2. Yes, the factory rules intended for an audience beyond those living and working at Lowell. It was for both men and women. The rules were very simple and straight for the employees. If they are sick then they can get a day off but otherwise they were not allowed to get an off day. Physicians take care of the employees by giving them vaccinations and it’s free of expense. 3. There are positives and negatives impressions of life. The negative is when there are harsh words are being used, there are objections to the number of hours they work, there is limited time for meal, and low wages for the labor. The positive impression is when employees get their earned money, labors know each other very well and they know the when to finish off the work and they can plan ahead for other works. Baker defines freedom for women by working in the factory and earning some money for the family. After work they can also attend lectures, schools, and have access to library. Women can get education for

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