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Discussion questions- Seminar 6 Nicole Wynn Baker College MKT 111B Discussion questions- Seminar 6 1. Are you especially loyal to any one brand? If so, what is it and why are you so loyal? If not, why aren’t you? I am very loyal to quite a few brands. My favorite is amazon. Amazon gives consistent good deals and prices. Anything I can find in a store I can usually find on amazon at least a few dollars cheaper. I love that because I’m a student I get special discounts on my membership and on books. Buying on amazon is worth having to wait 2 days for my things to arrive when I am able to save 60.00 on a book. 2. When successfully building loyalty and community, trust seems to be the biggest factor. How can a company build trust? Should consumers trust companies? Why or why not? Do you think some consumers are just more prone to be loyal to companies and other consumers are not? Explain. I think companies need to be consistent. When companies change their policies and make changes overnight consumers might feel left in the dark. If a company wants to keep the trust of consumers then they need to keep the customer informed of changes in the company. I feel that people are becoming less trustful of companies because they can’t guarantee that the company will be the same a few months from now. So many companies will sell information and consumers are growing tired of their information being shared so they are becoming less trustful. 3. How does a company demonstrate responsiveness? How would you design a feedback system so that your company could be responsive? How would it vary if your company sold to other companies versus selling to consumers? Customer service representatives are usually the first to respond to anything. They allow customers to call with concerns or questions and try to resolve the issue. I would create a system that does not outsource

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