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Dear Students, Feel free to enter the discussion(s) as often as you like. Make your initial posting ‘meaty’ (approximately 200–250 words—that indicates that you’ve read the assigned material and understand its relevance and significance). In this initial post, develop your ideas as fully as you can. Develop a thesis and prove your case with facts as evidence. Be sure to post BEFORE the deadline—the earlier the better since that will give your fellow students encouragement and the chance to comment! Next, be sure to read the postings by your classmates and “thread” your comments in response. To be active, you must post at least two substantive comments as part of your discussion. By substantive I mean that you are to contribute additional factual information and help develop/or refute ideas of fellow students. The following is the grading scale for the posts and discussions: A = Very Good to Excellent; you offered the required 3-paragraph initial post (about 200-250 words) and used evidence from sources, used more than one source, considered multiple issues, and the quality of your post was substantive; Then you joined in the discussion by offering exceptional responses to at least two classmates, using analysis, collaborating, helping; and further you kept active in the discussion (and didn’t wait until the last minute to engage). ▪ Substantive involves using evidence, making connections, referring to text, bringing in relevant outside information. ▪ Your exceptional participation is clearly based on collaborating and helping fellow students. Exceptional is not to be confused with “good” or “writing a lot.” B = Good; you understand complexities of the issue but your initial post may have been less than the specified requirement. You clearly demonstrated that you have read the material. You actively participated in the on-going

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