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Discussion Question Summary Your friend appears standoffish, even though he is easy to get along with once you get to know him. What nonverbal communication codes could be being used here? What could you suggest he do to change the negative perceptions about him? As a group we all feel that the best way to go about this would be to first examine your friend. Then the next step would be to talk to them in order to find out what the issue is. We all agree we would try to understand what their issue is in order to help them be more comfortable and positive. Maria, Ron and Eddie stated they would make suggestions to their friend so that they could work on their body language and be less standoffish. Ron, Eddie and Maria agree that cheering up their friend would help make the situation more positive. Eddie and Adam stated that the types of body language used when being standoffish can be, keeping your arms folded, head down and tightening frown above the eyes. These all imply a negative vibe and others will not feel comfortable approaching them. The difference with Adam is he would try to leave his friend alone a bit more knowing that perhaps forcing him to be social will only make the situation worse. He instead chose to let the friend learn on his own in order for them to truly learn and therefore, later have better knowledge on how to act in a public situation. He feels that they should learn instead of being forced so this knowledge can later be applied. Ron stated he would “pull him to the side” and then let him know what he was doing wrong. This he feels would be best in order for his friend to understand yet not feel attacked. Eddie’s advice was to tell the friend to try to smile; this would make them look more positive and approachable. Another great advice given by Ron was to tell his friend is not to wear his emotions on “his sleeve” so that others find

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