Discuss Winston Smith as Hero in 1984 Essay

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Discuss Winston as a heroic figure. What qualities does he possess that could define him as one? Although it may not make sense, Winston Smith can be seen as a hero – to an extent. He can be seen as a flawed hero, always putting up a fight but at the same time having something else going on, something wrong deep down inside. His name, Winston, can most likely be derived from the famed historical war hero Winston Churchill, who was known for rising up as a powerful voice of hope; defending and protecting Britain from seemingly undefeatable enemies. Winston Smith definitely qualifies as a hero, as throughout the novel he attains “heroic” attributes; rebelliousness and fatalism. However, his fatalism and self-destruction leads to his own impending doom, and it can be seen that he becomes a definite anti-hero, towards the end of the story. Right from the start, Winston can be seen as a hero. Even before the novel starts, Winston had become a grown man and all his life he had thought about the monstrosity that was Big Brother. He was always trying his best not to ‘go along to get along’ and fight the pressure of being different, secretly of course but still nonetheless human beings cannot stand to be different in this case as it seemed that everyone else was the same except for him. Deep down inside, he had always wanted to rebel. He needed the right opportunity and the right people to join the rebellion. He knew that living conditions in post-war Britain were ethically and morally unjust; like the fact that every single form of electronic device was constantly spying on him – and every other citizen, waiting for an expression on their faces that showed any sign on rebellious thought. He hated the party with a deep, passionate loathing; he wanted to take action, but without getting caught. Starting the journal can be seen as a brave and rebellious action, as it was
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