Discuss What the Film Text ‘Mean Creek’ Has to Say About Growing Up – Must Cross Reference with ‘Blood Brothers’.

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The film text ‘Mean Creek has a lot to offer when it comes to the topic of growing up. The story is about a group of adolescents learning about the hardships of growing up and responsibility, among other things, something everyone has to do at some point in their lives. One of the first themes to appear in the film text is that of rites of passage. The characters in the film text are often seen smoking and drinking and heard talking about their sexual encounters which in modern society are seen as rites of passage or checkpoints in someone’s life. Someone’s first time to smoke appears various times in the film text, which is linked with peer pressure, mostly from Marty’s part. Clyde and Millie are asked various times if they want to smoke from Marty’s part and when George gets asked, he obviously pretends to have already smoked due to the pressure to look ‘cool’ in Marty’s eyes. Another rite of passage that is triggered by peer pressure is when Sam is enticed to drink on the boat by Marty. This topic also appears in the text ‘Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russel, most obviously when Mickey talks about his brother, Sammy, and how he wishes he could be him. He talks about how Sammy can stay up late, play with matches, draws ‘rudey women’. Another rite of passage that comes up is first loves; Mickey’s first kiss, just like in ‘Mean Creek’ Sam and Millie have their first kiss on the boat. In ‘Mean Creek’ it is evident that Millie and Sam are experiencing their first love They were meant to go out on a date when Sam dragged her into the plan to humiliate George. They’re both quite shy and embarrassed when they’re dared to kiss. This scenario also clearly happens in ‘Blood Brothers’ with Mickey and Linda. Mickey is also very shy and takes him a long time to admit to Linda he’s in love with her and it takes Eddie’s help to do so. First loves are the hardest to go

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