Discuss Two or More Evolutionary Explanations of Food Preference (24 Marks)

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Discuss two or more evolutionary explanations of food preference (24 marks) Early human beings ate whatever they hunted, however we now in modern day always have access to a wide variety of food at supermarkets etc, and do weekly food shops so our house is filled with food. Because early human beings hunted their food, they ate whatever they could find as soon as they could find it as it was their energy resource and they didn’t know when they would find food to eat again. This however has not changed as we have evolved and even though the world has advanced so that we always have access to food, early human beings habits have taught us to eat high calorie foods while we can in case we can’t find them again. This explains why we may prefer high calorie foods and is supported in Gibson and Wardle (2001) study, in which they found that the best ay to predict which fruit and vegetables would be preferred by 4/5 year children was how dense they were in calories. A flaw in this theory however is that it removes personal responsibility from overeating and could be used as an excuse for obesity. Also if this theory were true it would mean that everyone would have the same preference for high calorie foods, when evidently this is not true and we each have individual food preferences. Another evolutionary explanation of food preference is how we have learnt taste aversion and how to avoid eating poisonous foods. Our ancestors lived in an Environment of Evolutionary Adaption era and it was a case of survival of the fittest, and so in order to survive they had to learn what was good and bad for them to eat. Sweet taste is often associated with ripeness and therefore good foods to eat, whereas bitter tastes aren’t as enjoyable and therefore are associated with bad (poisonous) foods. Our ancestors would have learnt this by trying foods, falling ill from a poisonous one and

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