Discuss Two Effects of the Environment on Physiological Processes Essay

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Mariana Muñoz 11H Long essay question: Discuss two effects of the environment on physiological processes With the pass of the years, humans have been the biggest challenge for scientists and investigators due to the constant change of information and its complexity. Human beings are the most complex animals and this ability of reasoning has taken this impossibility of understanding it, to another level, where throughout a lot of research and experiments with either humans or other related species, are becoming to be discovered and understood. Every single person is different, and that's why it has taken a long time to understand humans as general terms. Nowadays, it has been found that humans are different in their genetic configuration, but aside from this, they and their body act according to their own environment. Society and surroundings shape up each person, to make them able to grow according to what they have so that they can survive. Saying this, I agree completely that environment affects to some point physiological processes and genetics affects it to another. First of all, Rosenzweig research has proven that environment plays a very important role in brain development. A group of rats was placed for some time in an enriched environment, where there were many toys that were changed every day. Another group of rats was placed alone in an impoverished environment, where it was just the needed food and water and no toys or any stimulus. Post-mortem studies showed that the “enriched environment” rats had a bigger and heavier brain with thicker gray matter and more synapses than the “poor” ones. This study was carried on with other animals also related to humans, showing similar results, and making this a tool to future investigations with humans. More experience= bigger brain research showed that environment does affect physiological processes
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