Discuss the transformatio of So Much Water So Close to Home to the film, Jindabyne

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Discuss the success of Jindabyne as a new text which brings the old to life for a new audience. Consider ideas, values, voice and medium in your evaluation. The success of Jindabyne, a film released in 2006, as a transformation of Raymond Carver’s So Much Water So Close to Home, first published in 1993, is debateable. Although it is undeniable that through a modern context and the use of film as a medium the story and ideas become more relatable, appealing and tangible to modern audiences and possibly even offer new meaning, certain elements of Carver’s story including the depth and complexity are sacrificed as a result. To fully analyse the success of this transformation one must consider the various ways in which the themes, values and voices have been transformed and the effect that context and medium and introduction of new ideas and themes has had on this transformation. Isolation is an important theme in So Much Water So Close To Home, in particular, Claire’s isolation from her husband, the society in which she lives and her husband’s stumbling upon the dead body. Carver also seeks to explore this theme through his use of a new medium and different context. However, in altering the way in which the character’s isolation is represented, as physical rather than psychological, the value and meaning of the isolation is greatly affected. Carver shows Claire’s isolation from Stuart through their obvious lack of communication, apparent by his failure to inform his wife of the dead body which he had stumbled upon. Newspaper reporters continually call the house seeking details. So many reporters are aware of the incident, yet Claire is ignorant and thus isolated from both her husband and the event itself. Also, by using Claire as the narrator the reader has an insight into her own thoughts and opinions, which she fails to voice aloud to Stuart. Her failure to

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