Discuss the Ways in Which the Extract Constructs the Representations of Ethnicity Essay

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At the start of the extract Charlie walks round a corner and sees 2 police officers and greets them, the reply with “It’s alright we’re not coming in, we just here to stop anyone getting out” as the police man says this non digetic music begins to play and there is a close up of Charlie’s face who at first looks worried then puts on a smile. There is a quick cut to the manager of the hotel at the front desk the non digetic music still playing, then the immigration officer walks in accompanied by 2 police officers the camera quickly jumps back to the manager of the hotel. As the immigration officer approaches the desk there is a lot of shot/reverse shots between the manager of the hotel and the immigration officer, the non digetic music continues to play throughout. When the immigration officer reaches the desk the tempo of the non digetic music breaks down and becomes quieter and eerier as the manager and the immigration officer converse, the manager of the hotel signals Ben who is black but is British and asks him to take some forms down the house keeping for her, as he leaves the non digetic music builds up tempo again, there is a quick cut to see Ben running through the Hotel, then the camera switches to Charlie who is also running through the Hotel. Charlie and Ben both arrive at Jackie’s office and explain the situation. Jackie then runs into the kitchen and warns all the immigrants, Jackie speaks a number of languages and is in charge of all the immigrants at the hotel, All the staff in danger flood to one room, which Jackie unlocks for them and they all enter the room. As this happens the camera is behind bars, which could give the impression that the immigrants feel trapped. Jackie then closes the door and the camera zooms in on the sign on the door which says staff only. This shows that is a practiced routine for the immigrants and they are fairly used to

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