Discuss the Ways in Which Social Inequalities Can Affect Health Status with Reference to Social Class.

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Discuss the ways in which social inequalities can affect health status with reference to social class. By Jack Banks This essay will be an in depth study on how social class can effect living standards, especially looking at how social class can influence health status. It will investigate different theories of social class including the Black Report, different aspects of social class such as how social class can affect mental state and how social class can be improved and vice versa. A full list of references will be provided and referred too. Social class can be attributed to many different factors from how much money a person earns to what neighbourhood ones family is based or even what car you drive. The higher somebody’s so called social class is the higher standard of life one should generally lead. It is said that if one is a working class person you will find it harder to live a “healthy” lifestyle over someone who lives a higher class lifestyle. “The higher a person’s social class, the longer their life expectancy” (Doob, 1988:212). Social class can affect one’s life expectancy, how healthy one’s lifestyle is, how one speaks and converses, how one dresses and presents themself and even who ones friends are. “Some of the best kept secrets longevity and good health are to be found in one’s social, economic and cultural circumstances. The largest gap lies between the richest and the poorest. But the middle classes are also affected. The lower one is situated on the lower hierarchy” (Barr, 2008:2). A person could be born into a life at the top half of the social hierarchy, where they would be expected to live a long and very much healthy lifestyle. One could also be born into a working class or middle class background where life could be harder, with less money, time and facility’s available to them. These factors could make someone’s lifestyle tough and

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