Discuss the Ways in Which Edward Thomas Presents a Sense of Dissatisfaction in "The Glory"

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Discuss ways in which Edward Thomas presents a sense of dissatisfaction in ‘The Glory’. In The Glory Edward Thomas reflects his feelings of emptiness in comparison to the perfect beauty and glory of nature. It reflects his inability to feel happiness and displays his feelings of failure and dissatisfaction which contrast his blissful surroundings. At the start of the poem, the rhyme scheme begins in a structured and regular way, rhyming words such as “dove” and “love” which creates a positive tone. However this soon breaks up as we see the form of the poem reflect its meaning. Edward Thomas uses the breaking up of the rhyme scheme to symbolize his own damaged state of mind and sense of dissatisfaction. Edward Thomas makes contrasts between the simplistic beauty of nature and the impossible difficulty of expressing this beauty in words. “Sublime vacancy” symbolises the immense emptiness he feels but also suggests that he is so overwhelmed by the beauty of the morning that he struggles to describe it as sometimes you have to be there to appreciate the actual moment of beauty or else it’s gone forever. The simplicity of the “sky and meadow and forest” and the purity of the “untouched due” in comparison to himself leaves Edward Thomas “scorning” and feeling insignificant as he can’t match his emotions to the glory of the scenery. In Edward Thomas’s poetry he often refers to roads and paths as a metaphor for his life. In The Glory we see this when he writes “tread the pale dust pitted with small dark drops”. The use of the word “dark” suggests that he sees his future as bitter and gloomy, which gives us a sense of his dissatisfaction. Likewise in Old Man Thomas says “only an avenue, dark, nameless, without end” implying also a sad future. ”Without end” tells us that he feels he will never be able to escape unhappiness and feels trapped. A feeling of failure and
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