Discuss the View That Statued Law Is There Most Important Source of the Uk Constitution

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The UK constitution is a set of unwritten rules which sets a framework within a country’s system of government. It establishes the rules which those who exercise power should have to obey. Though the constitution, there are many different sources. An important source is Works of Authority. These are parts of the constitution which are written down and have become very important , as they provide a major source of information and are very useful in interpretation. As this source of the constitution is written down, it means that everyone can be clear on the rules and follow them according to the situation they are in. However, these types of constitution were written down a long time ago including ‘An introduction to the study of the law of the constitution (1885) by A.V. Dicey’ which is rather outdated. Although you can interpret these works of authorities to different situations, they is no information on how to deal with modern day situations (internet, electronics, etc) which leads them to being pointless in some cases. On the other hand, as you can refer to them, they set a perfect guide line in how to deal with different situations. Another key source of the constitution is Common Law. They are usually principles which have been developed and applied to the British courts when a law is unclear the judge will interpret the case to another one in the past. I reason why this source is effective is that it can be interpreted to fit into any situation in court and it sets a guide line for judges when dealing with different cases which would help things run more smoothly for the judges when in court. However the downside to Common Law is that as it’s not written down, no one is clear on the rules or the law, meaning they can decide whether they follow it or not. Ministers can also clarify or amend it meaning it doesn’t have a massive amount of power. This

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