Discuss the View That Further Constitutional Reform Is Needed Essay

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Discuss the view that further constitutional reform is needed in the UK. 1998 saw Labour introduce a major constitutional reform in the Human Rights Act. This provided a limit to what the government could do by enshrining key rights into UK law. Since the HRA was introduced significant security has been enforced upon the civil liberties. The rule of law – a principal of the UK constitution, was now centralised around the HRA. It was seen that modern democracy was enhanced like never before. The HRA allowed children to have set rights against neglect and abuse. Furthermore, Nadia Eweida was given ‘the right to manifest religion’ by being allowed to wear a cross at a BA check in. However, whilst this constitutional reform was revolutionary, the Lib Dems argue that it is not strong enough. It has been argued that the HRA should be codified and entrenched into a bill of rights. At present, the HRA does not always limit the actions of the government, an example of this is people being detained without a trial. On the other side of the argument, the HRA is at the tyranny of the majority as it upholds the rights of a minority. This is exemplified in the Naseer case. Here, Al-Quaeda was supported but Naseer could not be deported back to Pakistan due to fear of being tortured or killed. As a result the UK society was put at threat. Reform of the House of Lords has become an increased matter of contention in the UK. Labour government saw an extent of reform in the House of Lords through the abolition of all but 92 hereditary peers. This in turn, removed the inbuilt Conservative majority. However, since this reform both liberals have criticised the labour government for such changes. Liberals have argued that the hereditary principal should be abolished completely and have a fully-elected house. However, if this were to be the case, this would only turn the Lords into a

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