Discuss The Role Of Editing In Making Meaning, Wit

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Discuss the role of editing in making meaning, with reference to a documentary or fiction film. Your discussion should include close analysis of particular sequences and make use of relevant critical, theoretical or historical texts. To a filmmaker, the importance of editing to create meaning is unique. The ability to manipulate footage allows a whole new domain of creative ideas to become available. “My path leads to the creation of a fresh perception of the world. I can thus decipher a world that you do not know.” – Dziga Vertov. The Man with the Movie Camera is viewed as a pinnacle reference of documentary film for individuals everywhere and is an example of where editing is extensively used to create meaning. The 1928 piece documents a day within a Soviet City and has become renowned as a political masterpiece that has influenced many filmmakers with its range of editing techniques and alternative stance in cinema. In the 1920s structured order meant filmmakers followed an unwritten set of rules that determined plots, protagonists and the genre of successful films. Vertov was part of a movement called the Kinoks who challenged original cinematic techniques that the extremely controlled cinema industry followed. The Man with the Movie Camera is a perfect example of a film that has broken free of conventions and challenged the walls of cinema. This essay will analyse the use of editing in creating meaning and how important it is. As well as assessing Vertov’s beliefs and drive to make such a film. A primary example of Vertov’s approach to creating meaning through editing is in the use of match cuts, example, approximately eleven minutes in to the film the footage of an eye opening followed by shutters opening then further followed by her blinking and the camera irises. This minimal approach certainly isn’t sly but as match cuts are a fundamental basic in
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