Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy.

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DISCUSS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STRESS, ANXIETY, HABITS AND PHOBIAS AND DESCRIBE HOW YOU WOULD TREAT THESE ISSUES WITH HYPNOTHERAPY. Word Count 2154 Introduction Stress, anxiety, phobias and habits can all be related in some way or other. For instance, stress causes anxiety and vice versa. They are caused by fear and change. A habit can cause stress, such as when you try to stop a habit like smoking your anxiety increases leading to stress. A phobia causes both anxiety and stress. If you have a phobia of flying, you become stressed and anxious, until the experience is over. The above all forms part of the human experience and are all linked by conditions that come down to what our minds are capable of coping with. Although we are all individual, stress, anxiety, phobias and habits are influenced by the environment and genetics. How we are raised and where we live will play a large part in how we deal with the above, especially when it might involve losing our sense of reason. Stress ‘Stress occurs when an individual perceives that the demands of an external situation are beyond their perceived ability to cope with’ (Lazurus). Stress is there in our everyday lives and people are regularly exposed to it. Certain types of stress can be good for you such as the stress caused by a romantic encounter or the anticipation of a reward (Hadley and Staudacher 1996). However, not all stress is good and prolonged stress can make us very ill. It was by chance that Hungarian-born Hans Selye (1907-1982) stumbled upon the stress syndrome; this is what Selye came to call the process under which the body confronts "stress". Selye explained, the body passes through three universal stages of coping. First there is an "alarm reaction," in which the body prepares itself for "fight or flight." No organism can
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