“Discuss The Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety Essay

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“Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy “ Both anxiety and stress are completely natural responses to situations that we are unsure of, or that we perceive have the potential to be unpleasant, or cause us harm. This is the brain’s way of preparing both body and mind in order to reduce the risk of us being caught out and/or being placed in a vulnerable situation. What the brain is preparing us for is the decision to either defend ourselves or run away (fight or flight). This was all very simple further back in our evolutionary journey, but things are much more complex in our modern existence, and there is much more to get anxious and/or stressed about , or at least that is most people’s perception! We can also utilise these responses to help us perform at a higher level. Some people find it difficult to perform at their optimum level unless they are under a certain amount of pressure. This pressure although self induced creates stress and anxiety though hopefully only enough to achieve the required results. Anxiety and stress become a problem when they start to be detrimental to a person. That is to say when they impede a person’s progress and /or start to dictate the things we choose to do, or in some cases they can get to such an elevated level that they cause health issues. This is when people tend to seek out some kind of help, sometime as a result of advise, and sometimes of their own volition The symptoms of anxiety & stress often develop slowly and can vary in severity from person to person. Some people experience only one or two symptoms, while others experience many more. The negative symptoms can include • difficulty sleeping • sweating • lack of appetite • difficulty concentrating It is nearly impossible to get an accurate figure for how many
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