Discuss The Importance Of Thoughts In John Dane's Puritan

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Based on family heritage and life, people form their own biases towards others and other situations without realizing it. The situations people often find themselves in - such as a new home, new ideas and powers; mold the opinions they already have, causing people to judge others, or have a change in attitude. In reading both John Dane’s memoir and Nathaniel Bacon’s “Declaration,” the reader can see that Dane’s attitude on God and his Puritan believes have shifted, while Bacon seems to be in a race for power. In John Dane’s memoir, he explains to us the type of life he led, up until he found what he had been searching for - to discover what he could actually do for God and his mercy. With Nathaniel Bacon, we see a hostile attitude towards…show more content…
There are, however, similarities. First of all, both men show a bias opinion of their surroundings. Dane does so in a subtle way, while Bacon flaunts his ideas, good or bad to everyone within shouting distance. We can see Dane’s biases in a quote from page sixty-two in Johnson: “God hath all along preserved and kept me all my days.” In this passage, it is evident that Dane’s opinion on everything will have a religious spin to it. We can also tell that every experience he goes through is glorified, that everything worked out for the better. It almost seems that Dane takes things too lightly; when he should be active about a situation or argue about something, it seems that he would always brush it away saying in a way, ‘God has my back.’ In terms of Bacon, his biases are more obvious, as he is not only more boisterous in character, but also as the point he is making is, to him, vital to the future of the colony. An example of Bacon’s biases is found on page fifty three: “...to oppose and indeavour the destruction of these honest quiet neighbors of ours”. Here, we can see Bacon’s bias in terms of personal opinions and power. By reading Bacon’s declaration the reader can see that he is on a quest for personal power. We can also see from this quote that Bacon tends to contradict himself, not the best approach for someone trying to win over a group of

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