Discuss the Importance of Quality to a Business Such as Tesco. (14)

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Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of customers, and for a business such as Tesco, it is vital to get it right. Tesco is the largest market share holder in their market, and are expected to maintain the quality of their services and products they sell. As a result, Tesco would be seen as the place to shop in that market type, bringing about more revenue, customers and maintaining their market share. Therefore quality is important to maintain the business’s image or reputation they hold in that market. High quality of Tesco’s products and services is important so they can maintain their customer loyalty. Loyal customers will not only repeat purchases, but will also recommend their other products. As a result of this, it could bring more customers to shop at their store and maintain their reputation. Not only is maintaining quality in a business, such as Tesco, important to sustain their customer loyalty and, but quality can also reduce costs for the business. For example, during Tesco’s horse meat scandal, Tesco had to spend a lot of money to replace products and stop the problem. Furthermore, not only did Tesco had to pay for that but had to compensate for the fall in sales and loss in their revenue. Therefore, quality is important to Tesco as it will stop them having to replace products and compensate for the fall in sales/revenue. Therefore it can be said that quality for a business, such as Tesco, is very important. This is because high quality could sustain or improve a business’s reputation, reduce costs and bring about loyal, repeat customers. All of these point made will ultimately result in the business gaining more
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