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Discuss the impact of Post Modernism upon the contemporary crafts. ‘Knitting has become dangerously cool’ To fully explore how the contemporary crafts responded to Post Modernism, it is first necessary to examine the key movements previous to and during this time. How have crafts developed and been perceived over the last two centuries? What movements and schools of thought have been instrumental in the progression and definition of the crafts? What were the political and social states in the country and what effect has this had upon the status of contemporary crafts? In what context can craft be placed historically and how has it changed over the 20th century? To investigate this I will first look at the key political ideologies over the last two centuries in order to contextualise Post Modernism and its resulting effects. I will also briefly outline the major art movements such as the Arts and Crafts movement, the Bauhaus and Modernism within the art world as they have been key in the resulting development of Post Modernism. The role and perception of contemporary craft over the last two centuries has changed dramatically both within the art world and society as a whole. Before the 18thcentury and the Industrial Revolution craft was often associated not with the achievement of high artistic excellence but, with the process of making. Indeed before the advent of the industrial revolution a crafts person was considered lowly due to the proximity of the hands on making process with the actual material. The late eighteenth century saw the emergence of Kants Enlightenment philosophy. This opposed traditional beliefs and superstition, and aim was a human mastery of the world through freedom of enquiry and debate. The Enlightenment advocated the progression of science and technology and was a grand narrative in terms of believing in the infinite advancement of

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