Discuss The Idea That Psychology Is Not A Coherent Essay

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Discuss the idea that psychology is not a coherent, unified discipline but a collection of approaches unified only by an interest in human behaviour and experience. “What is psychology? Is it a single, coherent scientific discipline awaiting transfor- mation from the current preparadigmatic state into a more mature unified one? Or, is it a heterogeneous federation of subdisciplines that will ultimately fragment into a multitude of smaller, more specialized fields? This is, in essence, the “to be or not to be” question of the field. Currently, psychology exists as an uneasy compromise between unification and fragmentation” Gregg Henriques (2004) Psychology: the scientific study of behaviour and the mind (Passer and Smith, 2009); a field that can have a seemingly endless number of different approaches (depending on source); and a continually developing subject. Only since 1879 when Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychology lab at Leipzig University has psychology been recognised as a research science, and an independent scholarly subject of its own. Despite this relatively recent recognition as a science, psychology has been long been an academic subject, dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, but before 1879 psychology simply featured in other disciplines such as philosophy and medicine. Psychology earned its science status due to Wundt’s use of experimental methods which are inherently scientific; although these days Wundt’s choice of introspection isn’t necessarily seen as a strong choice of scientific method. Soon after its onset in 1879, psychology has been a subject of many branches akin to the different branches one may find in any other science such as biology (anatomy; ecology; genetics; etc.) or chemistry (organic; inorganic; physical; etc.). Edward Titchener is seen to be the father of the pioneering school in psychology;

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