Discuss the Extent to Which the Us Constitution Continues to Limit the Power of the Federal Government.

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Federalism is a theory of government by which political power is divided between a national government and state government, each having their own area of substantive jurisdiction. Federalism involves a degree of decentralisation. Decentralisation is the principle by which governmental and political power is vested not only in the federal government, but also in the state governments. Although in the Constitution, nowhere is it directly stated that the government shall pertain to the idea of federalism, it did reference the enumerated powers of the 3 branches of the federal government for example, Congress was to "coin money", and the President was to be the "Commander in Chief." It was also included in the implied powers of the federal government eg Congress's powers' to "make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers." The Supreme Court was to be umpire of all disagreements between the federal and state governments. Federalism was never a fixed term and as the US has evolved, so has federalism. There have been a number of factors over the 19th and 20th century that have led to an increased role for federal government. Westward expansion, from 13 colonies spread westward, which led to a larger population, in need of a stronger government. The growth of population, a similar ideal whereby a growing nation required management by a growing government. Industrialisation, which brought the need for government regulation - federal executive depts. of Commerce and labour were formed in 1903. Improvements in communication; while the nation grew in size it shrank in terms of accessibility as modern methods of communication gradually developed. With instant communication brought a feeling of national identity. The Great Depression hit the USA in 1929 the states looked to the federal government to cure their ills. The states did not

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