Discuss the Effects of Privation

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Discuss the possible consequences of privation. Refer to the Romanian Orphan Studies in your answer. AO1 * Privation is the failure to form an attachment, this may be due to extremely poor parenting or prolonged stays away from a potential attachment figure. Possible consequences of privation are intellectual retardation, anti-social behaviour in later life an inability to form relationships and lack of guilt. * Rutter investigated the progress of 111 Romanian Orphans who were brought to Britain for adoption. The children were raised in poor institutions. The Romanian children were tested for general cognitive levels till the age of 4. A control group of British children were also tested to see whether it was the separation from the mother or the poor conditions of the institution which led to the negative effects. The results were that after four years the two groups of children showed no significant differences in intellectual or physical development. Those who were in Britain before the age of 6 months were said to have developed greater than those who arrived after. AO2 * However there is a problem with this study as we cannot assume that each of the children had the exact same treatment and amount of care meaning we need to take into account mediating factors. Therefore those who recovered at a better rate, such as the ones who arrived in Britain before the age of 6 months may have received less abuse than the ones who arrived later. Thus it may have been easier for them to recover and the age in which they discovered did not have an impact, which limits to the reliability of the results. * This study challenges Bowlby’s hypothesis that the consequences of are irreversible if they are not helped before the critical period as although not all the children fully recovered they all showed significant improvement. Therefore it questions the
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