Discuss the Effects of Day Care on Children

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‘Discuss the effects of day care on children’s social development.’ Day care is a form of temporary care which isn’t given by a family member or someone known to the child. There are many forms of day care but the two main ones are child minding and a nursery environment. The effects of a child’s social development whilst in day care is a subject which has come to no firm conclusions as there has been mixed results from the experiments and each individual has their own opinions of day care. Some people argue that day care is a positive part in a child’s social development as they believe children will become more responsible and independent whereas other people disagree and believe that day care has negative effects on a child’s social development in ways that it’s a mothers responsibility to care for the child until it reaches school age and the quality of care may not be great due to a possible high staff turnover. People also think that it could lead to an insecure attachment and lead to psychological effects on the child later in life. There are many studies which argue both sides to the effects of day care and I am now going to look at some closer. Clarke-Stewart studied 500 children and found that children in care for up to 30 hours per week were no more distressed than other children who had attended much lower hours of day care when separated from parents in the strange situation. This shows that children can form strong attachments with mothers even if they are in their 24/7 care, although the experiment could direction the other way as the experiment was only done in one area opposed to several so it lacks in population validity. Roggman et al (1994) compared infants who had attended day care in the first year with those who had remained at home and they found no difference in attachment with mothers. This study suggests that day care has no poor

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