Discuss The Biological Approach Essay

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The biological approach is shown to be one of the most scientific explanations for human behaviour. The key assumptions suggest human behaviour is strongly determined by our genes, biological processes (chemical imbalances, fight/flight responses), and genetic inheritance. The nervous system also has an essential role, especially the brain and central nervous system, where each structure has an important function in the control of behaviour and thoughts. The central nervous system is split into the spinal cord and brain, and is concerned with all life functions and psychological processes. The peripheral nervous system, also part of the nervous system, transmits information to and from the nervous system. The biological approach also suggests chemical processes in the brain are responsible for many different psychological functioning for example, chemicals such as hormones. Imbalances of certain hormones affect behaviour. The approach states that the female hormone oestrogen gives females caring and gentle characteristics while the male hormone testosterone is linked to aggression. This hormone was investigated by Dabbs et al, where testosterone levels in prisoners where compared to the level of crime committed. There was a significant link between the nature of the crime and the amount of testosterone found in the body (the higher the level of testosterone found the more aggressive the crime eg murder, rape). This supported the biological approach, however it was only a concordance rate and no direct affect can be established. This approach supports Darwins theory of evolution suggesting humans and animals have evolved biologically, meaning animals higher on the evolutionary tree are genetically similar to humans, eg monkeys and apes. The biological approach showed to be a strong explanation for many topic areas in psychology, one of which is gender
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