Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Unwritten Constitution

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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an unwritten constitution. What is a constitution? Finer, a great philosopher defined that "codes of rules which aspire to regulate the allocation of functions, powers and duties among the various agencies and officers of government and define the relationships between them and the public." In my understandings, what finer had tried to explain was the social contract between government and society. Social contract may be is a form of constitution that obey by citizen and enforced by government. Constitution control the allocation in separation of powers,in purpose, to make a check and balance and prevent abuse of power. However, UK has written and unwritten constitution, will it affect the liberty and democracy? Many countries has written constitution but except for UK, Israel and new Zealand. UK has written constitution but UK only have partial written constitution,why? In UK, politician believe UK is strong enough because UK does not have written constitution in thousands years ago but UK operates well, indeed. However, in modern world, some philosopher argued that UK should have a written constitution. Should UK constitution be codified? The answer may vague because it contains advantages and disadvantages where UK has written constitution and unwritten constitution. First, if UK agree to codify the British constitution, the advantages will have few arguments as follow: Accessibility to law. It will easier to educate the citizen as it relatively detailed, leading to certainty and clarity. Citizen will be aware of the law. In addition, due to accessibility to law, human rights of citizen will be strongly emphasized in results, citizen has the legally rights to enforce individual rights without any barrier even against the state. Next, the equality and balance in separation of powers. According to Lord Woolf, such

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