Discuss Social or Cultural Factors That Affect Cognitive Processes

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Discuss social or cultural factors that affect cognitive processes. Cognitive processes are the representation of memory in ones brain and are known as schema. Our brains have the ability to process complex symbols and make them sense right to the environment surrounding us. This enables us to look at situations and imagine what might happen following it. This ability to see information and process it can be affected easily by various factors. In this case these factors are cultural. This makes our memory rather unreliable than we believe it to be. Cole and Scribner (1974) study to investigate memory strategies in different cultures. This is a natural experiment and the participants were children. These researchers compared the recall of words between the children from the US and Kpelle Liberia. They made a list of words different for both groups of children such as utensils, clothes, tools and vegetables. The recall in the literate children of the US was higher that the illiterate children of Kpelle. The US children had applied chunking while the illiterate did not and so made it harder for them to recall it. Later, the researchers told stories to the Liberian children and made them recall words from the story and the children chunked words according to how they made sense to them in the story. The conclusion was that people learn to remember in ways that are relevant to their everyday life. The Liberian children did not receive any formal education and could only recall when the researchers told them a story that related to their everyday life. On the other hand the US children who could use chunking due to the fact that they are exposed to abstract concepts of problem solving everyday in school. This difference in methods of recall shows how cultural difference has an effect on ones memory. This study shows explores education and shows that educated children
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