Discuss the similarities and differences between two Hemingway short stories

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Discuss the similarities and differences in any two of Hemingway’s short stories Ernest Hemingway is known for the simplicity of the short stories he wrote, and the way that he does not reveal too much of details in the story, and allow the reader to figure out what it is about. In this essay, I will be comparing two different short stories that Hemingway wrote, “Up In Michigan” and “The End Of Something”. For each story, the different literary features, which are theme, style, structure, diction, characterization and symbolism, will be identified and compared. The story “Up In Michigan” is about a misunderstanding of needs and wants between two opposite sexes, Liz Coates and Jim Gilmore, revolving around Liz’s fondness and affection towards Jim, about how she wants to be with him so badly. Liz likes Jim very much, she constantly thinks about him and wants him to feel the same about her, but the drunken Jim took advantage of her feelings and raped her, showing no care or liking towards her, leaving Liz to cry in the night alone. The second story that I am using in my discussion, titled “The End of Something” is about the end of the relationship between Nick and Marjorie. Nick is starting to feel very bored about the relationship they are having, and does not want to continue it anymore. He broke up with her subtly, he did not tell her directly that he wants to break up. In the end, Marjorie rows away in the boat, while another character, Bill entered and asked Nick how does he feel, before being sent away by him. Both stories share some similarities in terms of themes; they are based on the theme of love and relationship. Those two themes are easily seen from the relationships of the characters in the story. For “Up In Michigan”, it is the relationship between Liz and Jim, and Liz’s love or affection towards Jim that shows those two themes above. The

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