Discuss Research Related to the Failure to Form Attachment

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Psychology "Discuss research related to the failure to form attachment" Attachment is a bond between two people. Psychologist John Bowlby was an attachment theorist, he descries attachment as a "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings". Bowlby believed that the earlier bonds were formed the greater the relationship would be in the future. He also said that children who had been deprived from such relationships have a greater chance of experiencing long term emotional maladjustment. Sometimes people can have problems forming attachments. If a person has been away for a long period of time then this could lead to disruption in attachment, there are also other situations that can lead to privation, an example of this is when children are unable to form an attachment with a parent/carer. There have been many case studies carried out by psychologists on privation that show the effects of children failing to form any kind of attachment. One of the most common studies is Genie. Genie when found was a thirteen and a half year old teenager who had been locked away by her father since she was a small child. Genie's father claimed that his daughter was 'retarded' and that was the reason she was kept in privation. Genie was left alone most of the time and was unable to stand properly and speak. Psychologists say that Genie had lacked emotional care. This led to Genie not forming any attachments with anyone. After she was found she was put in a hospital where psychologists looked after her. Psychologists say that Genie had little interest in people and believe this is because she had never had any sort of attachment or relationship with anybody before and the fact Genie was unable to speak suggests that she had not communicated with anybody. Genie never fully recovered socially, this may be due to her extreme early privation and the time she was held in
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