Discuss One Social Psychological Theory of Aggression

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Discuss one social psychological theory of aggression One social psychological explanation of aggression is the social learning theory which is the idea that we learn certain behaviours through observing others this has been proposed by Albert Bandura. He believes that there is a process we all go through before repeating a behaviour we have learned, this is when mental representation comes into play, whether the observer sees the behaviour as being right or wrong, if the behaviour is rewarded it is seen as vicarious reinforcement and enhances the chances of the behaviour being repeated however if the behaviour is punished the chances of it being repeated is slim. Bandura believes the modelling process consists of four stages that enhance the repetition of the observed behaviour, such as attention, retention, reproduction and motivation. The observer needs to have full attention on the behaviour being acted out if they do this they will be able to go through the stage of retention, allowing them to store the information and later being able to reproduce the behaviour being learned. If the behaviour concluded in positive reinforcement you are more likely to have the motivation to repeat it rather than suppress it. Bandura’s Bobo study represents that his social learning theory is correct, by showing that children imitate behaviours they observe. In his study he had two conditions where the boys and girls aged three to five years was split into two groups where they observed either an aggressive or non-aggressive adult model The aggressive model, showed physical and verbal aggression towards the doll which they was put in a room with. The non aggressive model displayed no aggression towards the doll. After the children had observed there model they was then put in a room with the Bobo doll, those in the aggressive group imitated the behaviour of which they
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