Discuss How You Would Play the Role of Nora in Ibsens 'a Doll's House' During the End Section.

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Discuss in detail how you would play Nora in the Scene eight of ‘A Doll’s House’. Referring to voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, as well as to how Nora responds to others on stage. During scene eight of Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ (1879) I would play Nora as a matured, knowledgeable and sensible woman. In this scene she has decided to leave her life and start anew, therefore I would perform responsibly, showing her development throughout the play. The scene starts with Helmer reacting violently to the idea of Nora deserting her ‘position’ as a wife and a mother. The stage would have a table and a chair (dsr) a fire place upstage, a basket in a corner, a door and a chest of draws, considering this is set in a living room, I would imagine that there would also be a sofa. One of the most effective ways of playing Nora towards the beginning of the scene is nervous, as you would be, telling your husband that you are going to leave him. With the line ‘Tomorrow I shall go home – I mean where I was born.’ I would say the second part of the line as if correcting myself, looking down to show the difficulty that she is having explaining things. I would say the first part slowly trying to think of things to say and the second part a rushed delivery as she is having trouble, yet being as calm as possible in waiting for his response, and quieter towards the end of the line. When Helmer imposes that she has only two duties and neither are to herself, I would get aggravated, and show this through my body language by slamming my fists down on the edge of the table separating the two of us. The line is ‘What do you call my most sacred duties?’ I would say this bluntly and harshly as if she knows what his answer is going to be, however, cannot help getting worked up, and spitting out the line with pure regret of ever marrying this ‘stranger’ as she refers to him as later
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