Discuss How Human Impact Each Cycle

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I’m going to talk about the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and the carbon cycle. I’m going to tell you about the meaning of each cycle and how human’s impacts each cycle. And what we as human’s can do to help prevent the impacts of each cycle. Carbon is introduced in several different ways. You have animal and plant’s respiration and volcanic eruptions. Then you have thing’s that will take the carbon out like bacteria which I believe is bad because then everything would start to die. Then you have human’s that come and impacts the carbon by burning the fossil fuels. Which have affected the carbon cycle by using the fossil fuels which human’s don’t know by burning the fossil fuels it’s puts the carbon in the air? Which could be harmful to humans and animal when we breath we also breathing in carbon. The Phosphorus is representative the chemical the element in three allotropic one is yellow, poisonous and flammable. Phosphorus can also be a molecular to calcium as a mineral to the body and it combines calcium with bones and teeth ETC. Human’s effect the phosphorus by moving the phosphorus around and it become a run off that can end up in water and it cause eutrophication that kill the animals and the plant’s and I believe that how the volcano’s corrupter because once that happen it end up in the water killing everything. Also phosphorus is in are detergent’s and fertilizers. Nitrogen is a bacterium that’s in a root of any living plants. The nitrogen cycle is similarities with both phosphorus and carbon cycle. Nitrogen and carbon produces gas and nitrogen and phosphorus produces a high demand of aquatic. Human’s impacts the nitrogen by their crops from using fertilizers which damage the root’s and cause bacteria. Reference Google Environmental Science Richard T. Wright Dorothy F.
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