Discuss Dickens presentation of Children in Great Expectations and Analyse his presentation of Mrs Joe Gargery

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Today’s Society is almost totally manufactured around children. Children now have rights by law. They have movies, programmes and whole televisions channels dedicated to their life and entertainment. Government money now pays for almost every child in the UK to get an education and also builds play parks and activity centres just for children. This is a vast contrast with the Victorian era in which Charles Dickens lived. Children did not get educated unless they were upper class, they had little if no rights at all, there was no children’s toy industries and orphaned children were left to fend for themselves no matter what age they were. When you comparing the Victorian era with others you will discover than children are treated unbelievably well in our time compared to back then. Charles Dickens was notorious for writing about children in his novels. In Great Expectations the book was narrated by a child. This had never been done in literature before. He did this to give his Victorian audience an insight into the mind of a child. People in the Victorian era didn’t respect children. Their attitude was that “children should be seen and not heard.” Children were very vulnerable to violence in the Victorian era, even within the home. They had absolutely not protection under the law. Pip was badly abused by his guardian Mrs. Joe, who was also his sister and because of this he became very sensitive and morally timid” She beat him with the cane for almost no reason, threw him against walls treated him like dirt. Mr Joe was also abused by his parents when he was younger. Dickens used Joe's past to show the consequences in later life for victims of abuse. It made Joe Passive and a quick accepter. It made him mental weak for the fear of being hurt in some way. “Joe was a Hercules in strength but also in weakness” Children were also not
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