Discuss And Evaluate The Major Explanations Of Mental Illness

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20121780 Critically discuss and evaluate the major explanations of mental health and illness and discuss the implications of these in relation to the concept of ‘normality’. This assignment intends to discuss and critically examine the distinctions between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ behaviour. In addition there will be an evaluation of the various explanations of mental ill health in relation to depression and schizophrenia. Furthermore there will be a discussion of the implications of mental ill health in society. Mental health can be defined as a positive sense of well-being (NIMH 2012). Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave. Mental illness can be defined as a clinical condition of the mind that is diagnosed and conveys the sense of mental disorder (Lester 2010). Everyone has mental health needs. Positive mental health includes the ability to understand and make sense of our surroundings, to be able to cope with change and to communicate effectively with other people. Mental health is therefore an essential component of our general health (Lester & Glasby 2010). It is however more difficult to define what is meant by mental illness. This is…show more content…
If these problems are mild, individuals will carry on with life without any particular upheaval or disruption and we accept that a certain amount of sadness, stress or anxiety is simply part of day-to-day life (NIMH 2012). However, if feelings or experiences become over-whelming and interfere with our daily functioning, we may need to seek professional help. The most common types of mental health problems are anxiety and depression and are often experienced together. At a global level, depression will be the second most common cause of disability by 2020 (WHO

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