Discuss And Evaluate The Gothic Novel The Red Room

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The actual title of 'The Red Room' is significant to its genre. It immediately creates mystery and in a sense, suspense, as the reader does not find out what the Red Room is like until a way into the story. The title creates questions, as the reader does not know why the colour red is significant, only that it is usually associated with danger, and fear. This links directly to the Gothic genre, drawing attention to the supposedly haunted Red Room. The setting of 'The Red Room', 'Lorraine Castle', is extremely typical of the Gothic genre. Castles are generally large, dark place, and the reader knows the Red Room to be situated in a castle like this, as the narrator is given a rather long list of directions before he encounters the Red Room. The passageways almost seem to lead him underground, so far into isolation that even if he were to need help, it would not be available. Used in 'The Red Room', the setting creates a foundation of mystery and the possibility of ghosts, or a supernatural presence. As the initial room the narrator finds himself in is not described in great detail, much emphasis is put on the Room itself. The description of the interior of the Red Room uses the conventions of a typical Victorian room that could be used in a ghost story. Firstly, there are many 'black corners' that create a feeling of mystery. There are 'sconces' and a 'mantelshelf', that often feature in stories of this genre. The narrator is the main character in 'The Red Room'. This is typical of Gothic novels in particular, although the male characters are usually male heroes. Also, 'The Red Room' strays from the usual convention that a female usually suffers some distress in the course of the plot, e.g. a supernatural encounter. This is not the case as the narrator has to enter the Red Room himself, and not for the purpose
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