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Discusion Essay

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Below is an essay on "Discusion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Which of the following employee characteristics have the greatest impact on organizational performance: general attitudes, job satisfaction, emotions and moods, personality, values, or perception? Provide a rationale for your choice.
In my opinion I would say all of these employee characteristics listed: general attitudes, job satisfaction, emotions and moods, personality, values, or perception, each offer an amount of impact on organizational performance.  Each one holds a specific role and sometimes they play a part together to make a difference. 
If I have to choose one that holds a higher impact, I would choose job satisfaction.    If the employee is happy with their job, their performance will be greater.   The job environment is also important.   A happy environment will result in happy employees.   A hostile environment will cause angry and unhappy employees.   To have great results with organizational performance, the people performing the tasks must be comfortable and in high spirit.  
Another employee characteristic that has a great impact on organizational performance would be one’s attitude.   A person’s attitude can reflect on others and how they perform.   If a person has a poor attitude while working, the quality of the work is more likely to be poor too.   Their attitude can reflect how others might perform and can cause a hostile work environment.  
I have worked in many different types of work environments and I have experiences good and bad ones.   Working in a hostile work environment with unhappy employees makes others feel uncomfortable and angry themselves.   I have also worked in happy work environments and it’s more relaxing.   The quality of ones work will reflect on the attitude and experience in the work area.
I still feel all of these characteristics play a role of their own, as well as a role together to keep and uphold a promising business with satisfied employees and customers.

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